Local Activities

Kerosene Creek

One of the most beautiful thermal spots on offer in our region, kerosene creek is a firm favorite with both locals and tourists. Located just past the Rainbow Mountain turnoff on SH 5 is a left turn onto a graveled, Old Wai-O-Tapu Rd. Follow for 2.2kms and you have reached your destination. A two-minute walk and you will find yourself at the falls.

Kiwi Jet Tours

The Matahina Dam is North Island's largest earth dam and the greatest way to explore within the unique ignimbrite walls is with the Kiwi Jet Tours. These tours are adrenaline packed and last about one and a half hours. A trip you are sure not to forget.

White Water Rafting

A two hour trip over 14 kms of white water, enjoyed by all ages to the more demanding, white water rafting is a wonderful way to experience some of the most pristine waters and untouched natural bush. Book through Wet'N'Wild or River Rats.

Hunting & Fishing

Teeming with game and fish is the conjoined land of Galatea, Murupara, Te Urewera and Kaingaroa. Anglers are provided a wide variety of rivers and lakes known for the trophy trout in its waters and hunters are offered the pickings of a range of game whether its deer, pig or birds; when in season. Flaxy Lodge can provide guides for both fishing and hunting.

Four Wheel Driving

For a 4x4 form of exploring take your vehicle to see the great spots of the Whirinaki Forest. Four wheel driving is a popular way of getting around and with the great roads available you are sure to be satisfied.

Mountain Bike Trails

A 35km Moerangi Trail through the Whirinaki Forest. This great track edges it's way along hairy bluff edges and steep, exposed sections. A few grunty climbs and a fast and fantastic descent following the ridge down to the Whirinaki River.

Mangamate Falls

A local waterfall, situated 25 minutes by car on SH 38. A 27 meter drop into the Whirinaki River the mangamate falls is a great destination for tourist with many viewing platforms and safe swimming spots.

Whirinaki Forest

The Whirinaki Forest is a fantatstic place with many great hotspots including the Arohaki Lagoon, a rainfed waterway which is home to a number of rare birds. Access is via River road, off Old Te Whaiti Road.

Helicopter Sightseeing

Scenic flights to access to the inaccessible. Lakeland Helicopters, based in Murupara provide a great resource to tourists, hunters and anglers. We can organise the flights, the guides and the accommodation.

Beer Can Museum

The World's Largest Beer Can Museum is located in the valley of Galatea. This amazing museum holds Over 12,000 cans including the first beer can ever produced. Find out the history behind these unique forms and meet the collector, Barry Steiner.

Fort Galatea

The extensive Fort Galatea Scenic Reserve contains the remains of two redoubts and other early buildings. Situated just 8 km from Murupara down Korporiki Rd, this site is great for a leasurely stroll.

Te Urewera Rainforest

The largest of the North Island's four rain forests. Te Urewera is as close as it gets to the untouched wilderness. There are a wide variety of treks, ranging from tramping, horse riding and mountain biking.